"Foundation is the Key to Creativity"

2mins in the Life of a Method feat. CLOUD [Daniel Campos]

“2mins in the Life of a Method” is a brief look into what the individual members of the B-boy Dance Crew, SKILL METHODZ are up to these days.

This first episode is featuring Daniel “Cloud” Campos a multi-talented artist:
a dancer, choreographer, acrobat, illustrator, photographer & film-maker. Cloud has been featured in movies such as STEP UP 3D (Bboy Darkness) and many national commercials. He has also toured the world with MADONNA.

SKILL METHODZ (SKMZ) was established in 1995 in Tampa, Florida and these days most of the members has spread out through the United States.

For info on Cloud’s up & coming projects check out:

Created by: Jaime “Venum” Burgos
Music & Editing by: Richard “Abstrak” Soto


FLOW.LIKE.WATER [snap-backs]

1st Trial of the Flow.Like.Water Dojo-Style (snap-back) Hats. Available now @ the Abstrak.Methodz link. The idea of the basic logo represents belonging to: A Crew / School…Just as in Martial Arts when you represent a school. This is a Soul Food X Abstrak Collabo.

A Gem in the Making.

An upcoming Trailer for a treatment I’ve been working on. As you go thru life — experiences open new doors to new ideas and creativity. This one right here feels like I’m on to something. But all that matters is that this project gets finished, not matter how long it takes. Only thing I can say is – this could be a really good Martial Arts movie, as a short and especially if it possibly gets picked up. ‘Never Give Up’

FLOW LIKE WATER “Dojo Style Tees” by Abstrak & SoulFood

The Abstrak FLOW.LIKE.WATER ”Dojo Style Tee” designed by SOUL FOOD (Taiwan) – With Abstrak Signature [Flow.Like.Water] Tattoo on the back.

This Tee is dedicated to the diligent practitioners of all Arts, such as Breakin’, Martial Arts and beyond — but with respect to all Cultures that have created something out of nothing.

The idea is not of Bruce Lee although he has been an inspiration all my life. It is from the growth I have gained in Mind, Body and Spirit through the years of being a dedicated Dancer/Martial Artist.

Planet Bboy – DreamTeam

3 Months of my life spent training and filming an upcoming motion picture. It was a blessing to be on the road with my crew (SKMZ) and getting to know such great people — The Dancers, Actors, Choreographers and the whole Sony Production Crew — SCREEN GEMS.

Thank you guys and women for the wonderful experience and positive energy.

Peace, Abstrak aka Abbstarr

LUIS GUZMAN [During an HBO shoot]

August 23 Shooting an HBO episode for How To Make It In America with Luis Guzman, Actor and Comedian…amazing talent.


A minute Clip by Barmak Badaei for The Scifen Company. This was filmed at a Session with my crew (SKILLMETHODZ) in Los Angeles, California. “Keep Movement Alive.” Enjoy.


The long awaited workshops! Starting August 5th, I will start the official ABSTRAK “Foundational Methodz” Workshops in New York City. If you’ve never attended my workshop…come thru and experience creation and Bboy movement with no limits. I, myself have fun creating and being a part of the workshop since it can become REAL INTENSE. Good for me….Good for those that attend. See you There!

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38 mins of Q & A [slash] demonstration. This was after the entire workshop which was taken by 70 dancers — Advanced and Amateur. It was an inspirational Trip…the dancing…and actual conversations. Respects to Ruffneck Attack — especially INTACT.

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