Is a process. It’s an Idea. And a way of Life.

Although it is a company. It is also a way of expression. If you do not flow or move like water you will crash. To be smooth, gentle and still dynamic in expression is key in Flow.Like.Water. All can flow like water but can you make the audience believe that you Are Like Water.

Flow.Like.Water (F.L.W.) is a movement, it takes hip-hop dance (breaking and house) beyond the circle and mind. An unorthodox blend of disparate forms and it defies cultural and artistic stereotypes. Its versatility to all forms of dance creates a whole new world of movement. Flow.Like.Water reveals the pure foundation of dances in the most inventive way, without losing the essence of dance. It is homage to street art and is also a departure from it.

F.L.W. Also dibs and dabs in the videography field — Directing & Editing. From Short Films to Music Videos and Reels.