Founder of SKILL METHODZ, a well recognized B-boy Dance group, established since 1995.

Richie “Abstrak” Soto…I am a Poet of Words and Movement. I seek all that is Pure and Life giving. Thru sounds and movement I express all thought, love and feeling. Although I do teach…I still consider it sharing since I will never be a Master in all that I do. But I do believe in Self-Mastery or becoming a Master of Self (Trying to Master Your-self In Everything You Do).

In my Life time I continue to look forward in sharing and expressing to the World until the End.


Spy Award 2007:
An achievement award dedicated in honor of ‘Spy’ for his contribution to the art of B-boyin’ (Breakin’). The award recognizes those with influential styles that have made a global change within the movement of b-boy dance.